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The car was bought off Ebay in November 2007 and took an agonising 4 months to arrive in England. As far as we know the car has spent all of its life in California, the latter part being in an air-conditioned aircraft hanger. To us the rust free condition of the body was its main appeal.

As well as praising the cars rust free status, the vender also stated that the engine had been rebuilt; the re-conditioned wire-wheels were shod with new tyres, as well as there being a new soft top. The seats with it were TR6 and the rest of the int
erior was almost non-existent. In many ways it is better to have none than semi good items, which you still end up replacing.
On collection from Felixstowe we were firstly horrified at the way the spares had just been thrown into the car. Luckily nothing was broken and all the listed items were present, above all the bodywork did not disappoint.

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