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Body Repairs

Other than the normal dents you would expect on a 50 year car, the only other real accident damage found on the car was to the bonnet and front wing. The finished surface to the repair was very good however the profile of both the bonnet and wing were incorrect. This resulted in a huge gap between the bonnet and wing; also the wing did not meet the valance at the correct angle. Lastly the area around the grille was more rounded than it should have been. When faced with all of this it is hard to tell what is precisely causing the problem. A template was taken from the good side of the bonnet and as expected the line from the top of the headlight to the corner was wrong, this at the same time had taken some of the width out of the bonnet at the very front. The old paint and filler were removed so I could see just what was underneath. The filler was quite thick in places and below two layers of primer and paint. Heat was used where necessary and the bonnet gradually reshaped as best it could be, this however still left one area too high and a small slot had to be cut to allow the metal to be further worked. After getting the metal work to a point just below the correct contours the slot was re-welded.

As well as the obvious accident damage there where also two strange blisters in the middle of the bonnet, these were sanded down to reveal filler which was not adhered to the metal. Not wanting any blisters to appear in the future I removed all of the filler from the car, so all repairs could started afresh. The damage to this part of the bonnet no doubt being part of the fore mentioned accident.

Filler was then applied and roughly sanded, and any high spots in the metal work were tapped down. More filler was then applied and sanded down until I was happy enough to put some primer on, only then can you see how good things are going. The shape of the bonnet is quite complex at the front corners and is going to take a fair amount of work to get right.

Turning to the wing, again the paint was removed and this not only revealed filler at the top of the wing but also lead loading around the side. The wing was too rounded where it meets the grille, so to start with; I simply placed a length of wood over this area and tapped it in. There was also an 8cm split along the top of the wing, which I welded up, this I think was from the original repair work which had allowed the metal to become too thin. Then I re-bent the return around the grille area. After doing this I trial fitted the wing and to my surprise all the gaps had closed up, the main problem being the return, which was stopping the wing from sitting correctly in place. Filler will now be applied until I am happy with the results. While the wing was off I welded up the old aerial hole, reasoning that it was not in the best of places for a RHD

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