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The Taimar was the last of the fixed head M-series cars. The main difference from the earlier cars being that it has an opening rear tailgate. All Taimar’s came with the 3lit Ford Essex engine as fitted to Grenada’s and Capri’s and a lot of the suspension parts are sourced from a Triumph TR6. If you look around the car you may be able to spot fittings from other cars. It was always cheaper to pinch somebody else’s parts than design your own!!

I bought this 1980 example in 2004 with 26,500 genuine miles on the clock however the car had not been used for 12 years prior to that.
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The main reason the car was off the road was because of its paintwork, which was very badly blistered and needed to be totally removed. A long and slow job as the gel coat can be easily damaged.
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The other main concern was TVR’s build quality (for instance 10mm had to be added to the fronts of the doors to get a good shut line!) Overall a lot of small improvements have been made to the car.
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When I bought the car all the wiring was missing, this however was not a great loss as TVR only used one colour throughout the loom, black, held together with cable ties! Working loosely on a wiring diagram for a Mini I constructed my own loom using the Mini/Lucas colour coding.

Mechanically the car needed very little doing to it. Freeing one seized brake cylinder and bleeding the brakes was about it!
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