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First Impressions

First impressions are quite favourable; the car has obviously been standing around for a long time. Most of the bare metal components are showing signs of surface corrosion. The exception being the subframes which look very good, appearing to have been painted in body colour when the car was first built. The gel-coat is very faded and there are a few chips in it however there are no stress cracks, so I don’t think the car has ever been involved in any accidents.

The interior is a mess and will need redoing. There is a nice coating of moss in the damp interior and the odd spider or two who have decided to set up home. The seats and carpets need to be replaced and the side panels recovered, the rest may be fixable. One of the things I am pleased about is that nobody has hacked around with the dashboard. Not even a radio.
Turning to the engine nothing stands out as being wrong, taking the rocker cover off it all looks clean and even the oil on the dip stick is clean, time will tell. The engine turns over by hand, as well as the turbo which seems to have no discernible play.

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