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One of the few receipts that came with the car was for an exhaust and some welding which had been carried out on it. The system appeared to have a downpipe was from a Metro Turbo and the box and pipes from a standard Metro. These parts had been cut and re-welded; unfortunately the pipe joins were not very good and I suspect would have failed an MOT test.

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I felt I could do a better job of it. Firstly I needed some more exhaust tubing to work with and started looking on Ebay. It had to be cheap, have suitable looking bends in it and be of the correct diameter as I wanted to be able to sleeve the joints. The Capri downpipe looked a very good contender, so I decided to take a chance and buy one. It ended up being perfect, the pipe was the next size up from the Metro system and its flange as a bonus, fitted straight onto the turbo outlet. With a bit of cutting and welding even the bend at the bottom of the downpipe matched the original. It was now relatively easy to smooth out the bends in the rest of the pipework and weld them back together. To aid fitting a sleeve was added just before the silencer.

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