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Engine Lid

The car is fitted with a turbo engine which has the carburettor sitting higher than  a NA engine, so much so that a hole had to be cut in the engine lid. This I felt needed to be sorted out.

I had considered a number of options.
1. Remove the turbo and just fit a standard system. Dismissed because a turbo set up would be a bit unusual, so I wanted to keep it.
2. Cut the middle part out of the engine cover and put more of an angle on it. This would probably have looked OKish, but I felt it would take a lot of work to get it right and once I started there would be no turning back.
3. Take a moulding off a Mini door pocket. This would have looked too big.
4. Over the Winter I had been looking out for cheap GRP bonnet scoops on Ebay and did buy one however it turned out to be a bit too small as it was.

Having no other ideas I decided to try and adapt this scoop to fit. I was quite happy with the results and laminated it onto the car

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