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Dual Circuit Brakes

Like most GTM Rossa's (Mini based) the car came with single circuit brakes. The master cylinder however needed replacing, so I decided to take the opportunity to convert the car to dual circuit.

The consensus of opinion was that you had to use a master cylinder form a servoed Metro as the normal Mini one is too tall. I managed to get hold of one off a well known auction site and as mentioned on the GTM forum the pedal support bracket and the holes in the bulkhead would need to be altered to match.

I started with the pedal support bracket and found that the hole for the push rod cylinder needed to be made larger and the two mounting bolts moved outwards. This entailed having to weld up the old bolt holes and extend the mounting plate forwards and to the right so that the new holes could be drilled further apart. The clutch cylinder needed to be moved slightly away from the brake cylinder and swivelled round a little bit . This required the original bolt holes being welding up and then re-drilled. 

Turning to the bulkhead the four bolt holes were glassed over and then re-drilled to match. The push rod holes just needed opening out. A brake pedal stop is also required on the support bracket but this is very easy to do. The finished installation is very tight fit in all directions.

Depending on the pedal feel I may have to alter the leverage between the brake pedal and the push rod but I will leave this until the car is up and running.

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